From The Founder

When my family and I moved to Cobham we were initially impressed by the imposing houses in the area, but we soon realised that many of them were carbon copies of each other, with similar designs and similar specifications.

Every new home we saw also seemed to be compromised in some way, so we decided to build our own house, to our family’s specification and without compromise.

From this beginning we set out to be a different type of property developer.  Almost every house builder simply employs a designer to copy a look that has sold well. Most don’t even employ qualified RIBA Architects due to the cost, which is probably why most new houses fall in value the second the first owner moves in. This is not acceptable.

My belief is that if you are spending millions of pounds on a home it should be tailored to your exact needs and it should be of an Architectural standard that isn’t just a clone of what has sold well in the area.

And one more thing…