Fairmile Homes is driven by its commitment to creating truly bespoke homes of exceptional quality.

Our difference is in our approach – we are the only developer to carry out a nationwide search to cherry-pick the perfect Architect for each home we create.

Our passion is our commitment to creating homes of exceptional quality.  We do this by using only the most experienced and capable specialists, and investing in only the best materials.

Our reputation is of the utmost importance. At Fairmile Homes we care about:

  1. Providing the highest standard of professional service
  2. Creating homes of exceptional quality with the best specification in prime locations – thus locking-in long term value for our clients
  3. Providing a first class after-sales service, giving clients the freedom and peace of mind to enjoy their home for as many years as they live there.
Quality means doing it right when no one is looking Henry Ford

Architectural Design

At Fairmile Homes it is imperative that every home we create is carefully considered and sympathetic to its natural surroundings, but is also truly bespoke. We achieve this by carrying out a nationwide search and hand-picking the best Architect for each home we create. This is a practice that is unique to Fairmile Homes and just one example of our tireless commitment to creating truly bespoke homes.

Most recently we have commissioned the classically trained Architect Hugh Petter, from internationally renowned practice Adam Architecture. Hugh is an exceptional designer, and testament to his pedigree is the fact that he was tasked by the Prince of Wales to create the foundation course at the Prince of Wales Institute of Architecture, which was set-up to teach the traditional skills of draughtsmanship and the principles of classical design.

Hugh’s portfolio includes a large number of substantial private houses for discerning high net worth, or ultra high net worth private clients.  Hugh is currently designing a beautiful, bespoke home on Harebell Hill, Cobham for Fairmile Homes.


Exceptional Quality

Every detail is considered – both the luxurious and the practical.

We create homes that not only cater to all the practical elements required for modern-day living, but also deliver on the luxurious elements you would expect from a home of such superior quality.

From interior design, to technology, to beautiful yet functional fixtures and fittings – we think of everything in the greatest detail and with the greatest care and attention.


Providing a personal service that will exceed our customer’s expectations is incredibly important to us.

One of the first things you’ll notice with Fairmile Homes is our professionalism. Our clients don’t deal with builders but rather specialist professionals who know how to communicate and understand your needs.

In addition to a standard 10 year NHBC Buildmark Warranty and a commitment to resolving any teething issues in a timely manner, we also offer an after-sales service to give you the peace of mind to enjoy your home to its full potential long after you have moved-in.

Our Peace of Mind Maintenance package is customised to meet your needs, allowing you to relax and enjoy your new home. Our team of trusted experts will take care of all your new home’s maintenance needs, from cleaning out the gutters to professionally cleaning the carpets.